Big Anomaly has an unparallel non seismic in-house expertise on which the core foundations of the company rest.

With the two founding partners 50+ years combined experience of working gravity, magnetics, EM and seismic data, Big Anomaly is well positioned to help clients with non seismic -

  • Project Management
  • Data Q.C.
  • Processing
  • Interpretation (singular datasets and integrated)

Big Anomalies Integrated Interpretation Platform (IIP™) allows simultaneous interrogation of multi-disciplined datasets, an essential component in today’s modern exploration workflow. From regional overview studies that integrate satellite gravity, magnetics and hyperspectral imagery, to basin wide appraisals and field development using the highest resolution data currently available, Big Anomaly’s expertise spans the entire exploitation portfolio. Irrespective of the project, the Big Anomaly team appointed to work closely with the client, will essential occupy a role as an extension of the clients’ regional appraisal group or asset team.

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